New way to save! Refer a friend

Due to the majority of people utilizing the first 30 min free consulting time and NOT providing ANY feedback, that offering for the free consulting has been eliminated. Instead we are now offering a way to save for you and your friends.

The initial first 30 min of consulting time is at ½ price rather than the free as it was previously.

Past and current clients – When you refer a friend who books time based on your referral both they and you get 1 hr at ½ price. $50 savings! You get an additional 1 hr at $25 and the friend gets their 1st hour for $25. This is good for future clients as well. Thinking about booking, do so and use the 30 min price break. Then refer someone who you think can benefit for what I have to offer.

What do you get in 1hr? A lot. Don’t take my word for it.

“We are just so overwhelmed with information. There is just so much to process. We never thought that much was possible with our property. You have definitely given us so much to think about.”

MJ – Indianapolis

That was after only 1 hr walking the property with the owners.

“I would have never thought that was possible on my property”

CW – Indiana

Property was almost 100% shaded with trees.

“We never thought we could have our property earning money FOR us living in a suburban neighborhood”

MW – Indianapolis

“We didn’t think of that we could do as much with our 0.2 acre lot, and it really didn’t cost us much out of pocket with the ideas you gave us”

NF – Greenwood.

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