Ponds, Pools, and Aquaponics

Other than water what do these things have in common? They are all now products and services offered by Aquatic Designs

Last week I had the opportunity to visit with Dan, Scott, and Jessica at the store. My behind the scenes tour as always. I talked with Dan (the owner) about offering classes out at the shop, upcoming events like the garage sale (getting rid of used, and older parts and supplies). I suggested he start offering natural pools to customers. He had indicated that this is something they have done, and will be doing more of int he future. Up until recently this wasn’t something that many people knew about, nor wanted. But more and more people want to get away from the harsh chemicals and have a more natural lifestyle. If you don’t know what a natural pool is think if a conventional swimming pool and a pond had a lovechild. It is clear water, has a pump, no chemicals, and uses nature and plants to keep the water clean. I know what you are thinking, stagnant, smelly pond with cloudy water. If installed properly this will not be the case. Dan and team already have the plants, equipment and know how to install these types of systems. Here are some examples of what natural ponds can look like.

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Now, who wouldn’t one of these? The bonus, no chemical checks, not testing, no adding of chemicals. Nature does it for you.

If this isn’t your style, they have the traditional ponds as well. But people typically stock ponds with Koi and other fish to look at, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But think about stocking with catfish, hybrid bluegill or yellow perch, all are cold hard, all will be equally happy to see you when you feed them. The only difference is, you can eat them when they get larger. You can eat koi, it is just a carp, but some varieties of koi especially the larger ones can go for big bucks. Aquatic Designs are working on programs to stock yellow perch and tilapia, and can get you a wide range of fish.

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Speaking of tilapia, because they are a warm water fish they will not survive here in Indiana over the winter and are better suited for aquaponics indoors. I have been very impressed with the speed and designs Aquatic Designs have developed their aquaponics programs and systems. They have everything you need from lighting, to pumps, to media, to fish. Not a DIY type of person, they have turnkey configurations or something custom to fit just your right spot. If you are having troubles with your system, they can help with that too. 5 years ago they were not offering such systems and I am glad I cam across them and opened up the dialogue. Now I have a local store to get parts. Before, I was having to order online and hope it would fit, or was what i needed. I am a hands on and visual builder. I usually go in with fitting and part asking “Do you have a fitting that works on this…?”. What I really like is they are hoarders like me and don’t throw anything away. I manage to find a part  I needed from a salvage they did on a customers in ground pond for my aquaponics.  Here are a few systems they have up and running. I need to do better about taking my own pictures when there. I am always so busy talking and checking all the new stuff out I forget. The last time I looked I think they have 12 or so DIFFERENT configurations. Scott is somewhat an experimenter like myself and always trying new configurations, designs, products. So they don’t just sell them, they test them and can give you great advice on what will work best for you. These are from their Facebook page.

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Here I am after a class I gave with the Indiana Koi group at Aquatic Designs this summer.




They are located in Monrovia and is a pretty quick drive down 39 from 74 or 70 on the west side of town.

445 N Chestnut
Monrovia Indiana 46157


Before you drive out, you may want to give them a call. During winter months they keep different operating hours than spring, summer and fall. They can be open by appointment and are usually on site, but in one of the back barns and operations center getting ready for spring or tending to the greenhouse so the main office isn’t open

They do have some opportunities available and check out the Projects and Opportunities page for details. We also will be having a tour date once winter is over, and a garage sale event.

I like the fact that it is both a place for the DIY and the installations spot. You can DIY and get your parts, then ask for help if you run into problems. At least for me, I can’t get everything i need in one spot, or it is a installation only company. I can get some parts here, some parts or supplies there, but not everything together so I can see how it fits. I love the DIY aspects of many of my projects. But for something like the natural pond, I think I will leave it to them, but help and assist as much as I can.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid or advertising on Aquatic Designs behalf. I am recommending a business and staff I have repeatedly done business with over the years. I feel that not many people know about them in Monrovia, and many in my circle could benefit from their offerings.

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