Great article – Connecting with Customers

Here is a great article I had to share. It is from a good friend, mentor, local food producer and educator Darby Simpson from Simpson Family Farm and Darby Simpson Consulting.  This is for many who are looking for “better food” and a “better way to eat”  and can help put a feeling into words. It also goes along with a class I give on “Organic” gardening. Many people use the term “organic” to refer to so many things, and Darby has way to break it down.  Just using “Organic” really means nothing and the marketing companies have ruined it, such that consumers want “organic” and what they get is far from it. In the article you learn what to look for, and ways to find what in your mind “organic” means.  Darby has his own site where he consults, gives advice, and education.

Here it the link to the article Connecting with Customers



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