Grass fed sheep meat now available

We have 4 grass-fed sheep all under 18 mo available for processing rams available now, ewes end of July.  Whole or half available. 2 rams, 2 ewes. Roughly 40lbs of meat per sheep (but you can also get bones for broth/pets and organ meat. We will take them to Fender 4 Star in Spencer, IN for processing. Processing is $50 per sheep or $25 per half, and not packaged for resale. You can decide how to process your ½ or whole sheep. We can help if you have never had an animal processed. Price is $6/lb hanging weight for rams and $8/lb hanging weight for ewes. You will pay for your processing ½ or whole depending on what you want, payable at time of pick up at Fender, to Fender. Once hanging weight is established, you will pay us for your portion of meat before Fender will release it.  Contact us if interested.

New videos

Some uploaded videos and photos from Farcebook


This is Jupiter our house lamb. His mother rejected him but kept his twin brother. So, he is being bottle fed, and living inside until he gets big enough to go out on his own.

Goats on one side getting a future pasture ready, Sheep and lambs on the other will be maintenance crew once pasture is ready.

Lambs having fun in the pasture.

Taking a walkabout in the woods

Jack doesn’t care who pets him, hooman or horse

Wee aka Jr Farm boss fell asleep like this.