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Who we are.

We are a dual location farm, with sites in Greencastle, IN and Wingate IN. Greencastle is our main farm with 32 ares in operation. We practice permaculture principals (sustainable and regenerative agriculture). We try our hardest to be man made chemical free for all applications. We prefer to use natural holistic remedies such as animal rotation, medicinal herbs and essential oils. Sometimes though try as we may, we need to resort to other means when an animal’s life is in danger.  We currently have over 200 animals on our Greencastle farm (learn more about our animals)

We have a small (I mean Micro) farm raising a variety of things in our suburban back yard. We are aiming to grow our operation and are using our own homestead as a proving ground for experiments, techniques, learning experiences, and proof of design. We grow on 0.31 acres in a small community in West Central Indiana, Wingate to be specific. Wingate is about 20 miles outside Crawfordsville.

Some of what we have done, grow, teach, experiment with.

Edible landscaping. – pull up your shrubs and bushes and plant items you can eat. Dual purpose.

Medicinal plants and herbs. – we grow a variety of plants for medicinal purposes and grow the list regularly.

Berries – we have a variety of common berries, and some uncommon.

Fruit Trees – We have a variety of fruit trees at both locations

Greenhouse – we have a 6 x 20  greenhouse where we grow a variety of plant, winter plants, have our aquaponics, and start seeds.

Vegetable Gardens – we have a variety of year round crops we grow and experiment with.

Composting – small scale, and larger

Chickens – eggs, meat, fertilizer, and well entertainment

Ducks – Eggs and meat, pest management, fertilizer

Turkeys – Meat, pest control, fertilizer, pest management

Guinea Keet – pest management, alarm system

Geese – mowing in orchard and property, predator protection, meat, and alarm system

Rabbits – meat, pet food, pelts, grass management, breeding sales

American Guinea hogs – Meat, pasture tilling, breeding sales, pasture management

Sheep – Fiber, meat, pasture management, breeding sales, 4-H sales, pelts

Goats – milk, meat, fiber sales, brush management, breeding sales, 4-H sales, pasture management , pelts

llama – fiber, predator protection, pasture management

Livestock guardian dogs – predator protection, alarm system, farm security, breeding animals

Barn cats – pest management

Aquaponics – We have a 4000 gal aquaponics pond in our greenhouse where we grow goldfish, crawfish, catfish, and frogs.

Fish – we have goldfish, crawfish, catfish, frogs more to come.

Hugakulture – Using decomposing wood to add to soil for growing. We modified the idea of sorts for our purpose. Still works in the end.

Water harvesting – May not sound like farming, but try paying to water all those plants can get expensive.

We want to teach people through this site, in person, and through the classes we offer.


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  1. I just wanted to commend you for all you are doing and thank you for your kindness to share your information. I just came across your website and am very impressed.

    I live in Miami, FL (ugggh!) and will not say more than that. I have a 70 year old, teen-age looking Aunt and her family in mid-Michigan. She has a house with 50 acres of farmland surrounding her. She raises just a few cows, chickens and pigs to divide among her children and grand-children. She leases the rest of the land to a farmer.

    As a result of my desire to desperately leave Miami and all the surrounding concrete and mega-aggressive drivers. More-so, I want a healthier environment and future for my two teenage sons. I, as well as my Aunt, seek to become more and self-sustaining. I began to buy some books back in 1997 regarding the types of things you are doing. I have NO experience, but hope to follow the path you are laying. I want to also learn about “High Tower Farming” that a farmer here in Miami was demonstrating at two universities in the Northern U.S.

    I will not take more of your time other than to congratulate you for what you are doing and express my deep gratitude that you are the people you are and are sharing such wonderful and significant material. I hope to know what “living” really means outside of what life has been like here in Miami and most of “life” in America today. God bless you and yours and again, a sincere THANK YOU. John S.

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