Rick Beach

Rick Beach is a lifelong gardener who has been involved with permaculture for the last five years. In 2013, Rick his official PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) from Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Research Institute of Australia after undergoing an intensive online course and submitting a design for a 6 acre farm property that qualified him to receive his diploma. Since then he has completed many designs for people in and around Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky as illustrated by his portfolio page on his website. He currently resides in rural town of Wingate, IN and has turned a 0.3 acre property into a micro-farm. The property consists of 20 laying hens, ducks, rabbits, fruit trees, berries, grapes, kiwi, aquaponics, edible landscaping, water harvesting, worm composting, vegetable gardens, a cooking herb garden, medicinal herb garden, and much more.

One of Rick’s passion is aquaponics and has successfully build a multitude of designs from indoor 30 gal systems in an aquarium to 5500 gal outdoor in ground pond systems. Aquaponics harnesses the symbiotic relationships of plants, fish and bacteria to get a chemical free organic food production system more efficient than any other type of agriculture process per square foot.

Rick has a professional background in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and business. He is now using his background in these areas along with his PDC to offer consulting services for permaculture design all over Central Indiana. Rick enjoys teaching and helping property owners put together a comprehensive plan for production on their own homesteads, while also helping them to gain a much larger understanding of the natural world with permaculture.

Rick can be found teaching and giving classes all over Indianapolis and surrounding Indiana communities on just about anything to get people thinking in a different direction: Gardening, canning, permaculture, aquaponics, survival techniques, home preparedness, community building, medicinal herbs, and food storage just to name a few. He recently developed a series entitled “Be Prepared” which allows people to complete classes and receive information to help their family and themselves be prepared for all sorts of situations which they could face. He truly enjoys teaching and educating others, and believes that he has found his calling.

Rick recently launched a podcast on his website allowing him to connect with more people who could not normally attend some of his classes which is available on his website or through iTunes. He was the co-host of 2 Midwest Guys were he and his co-host talk about various topics and subjects they are interested and the applications to life in the Midwest. From permaculture, to firearms, to money saving tips and techniques they use at their homes. It is available on their website or through ITunes.

Rick writes for several different publications online, e-print, and hard print in addition to his own blog and Facebook.


To learn more visit his site Wolf-Beach Farms. Rick also owns the Meet-up group Alternative Gardening and Homesteading and is a co-founder of Midwest Sustainable Education Conference.






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