Sometimes you just have to see it. Here are some videos from the farm.

Calling in the sheep. It is all in how you say it. We have repeated this at least a dozen times. Sheep just like her better.

Here is V3.1 of our pasture rabbits in a colony.

Wee aka Jr Farm Boss dancing with her goat

The very special Pixie when she was little. She did, and still does like getting pet. Just a big fluffy dog that eats grass.

Jr Farm Boss and her Chickadees

Jr Farm Boss’s shadow, another one who things they are more dog than barn animal. Nelly Goat

Tag, in the pasture

Piggies get hot in summer

Here is that same pasture after we moved the piggies out.

One of the ways we came up with for freezing water bottles for rabbits. For full write up on rabbit evolution see this link


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