What we do

We offer many products and services, some are seasonal, some we may not always have available.

What we offer

Permaculture consulting aka sustainable and regenerative agriculture (see the consulting page for details)

Wide variety of classes (see the classes page)

Farm Tours

Animal care education (see the animals page)

Herbs, medicinal and culinary, plants and dried.

Education on medicinal herbs and how they can be used.

Fresh free range chicken eggs

Fresh free range duck eggs

Pasture raised rabbit meat

Pasture raised chicken meat

Pasture raised lamb/sheep for meat

Pasture raised goat for meat

Animals for breeding various goat breeds, american guinea hog, various sheep breeds, rabbits (see animals page)

Various wool/fiber (see animals page)

Wine/mead making demonstration for home use

No chemical, natural apples

No chemical natural berries (strawberry, red & black raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry, serviceberry, elderberry, chokeberry, autumn olive)

No chemical, natural grapes

Syrups Maple, Black Walnut, Sassafras

Goat milk for crafts (soaps, lotions etc.) and pet food.

Goose meat (future offering)


Growing and teaching sustainable and healthy food production

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