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New upgrades and new project

We did some upgrades to our site and now have a members area, where you can sign up and interact with other like minded people. There is also a forum. I have started populating it with topics I get asked most. Most people want to know where to get stuff, from education, to plants, to materials. While I could populate it with some, I would leave it up to you to ask. All completely free. So “stuff” is the first topics I listed. If you want some other topics I would be glad to hear and possibly list them. We added the forum because not everyone has a Facebook nor do they want one. Facebook seems to be where a lot of dialogue comes in about different topics. This option can allow people to interact, ask questions, get questions answered outside facebook.  The link to the forum is here.

While we were doing the upgrades to our site we started investigating work for an exciting new project. We feel this project would serve many people, and something that is definitely needed. While still in development it MAY be out by this fall/winter. It would make getting food from the producer to the consumer much, much, much easier.  Alas it is it outside our current skill sets to develop the idea. We know how we want it to work, how it would be super awesome. We are looking for someone who has mobile App development skills to incorporate. Too early in the game to bring the developer in, the back end and infrastructure needs to be developed first. But if you know someone who is a mobile app developer please let them know and direct them to our opportunities page.