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Brambleberry tour podcast

Our latest podcast is up at 2 Midwest Guys where we recap our tour to Brambleberry Farm a permaculture nursery and farm. If you are looking for permaculture plants, want a local source, and what to see what you are getting before ordering online or from a catalog they have quite a bit, including Comfrey.

Brambleberry Farm


Part 2 of Trees in the Midwest is live

Part two of the trees special with Nathan Hill is now live. We will definitely be having Nathan back on in the future to talk about more topics like grafting trees, root-stock, genetics, when is it time to cut the tree down,  and more.

Part 2 Trees in the Midwest

New Podcast about trees in the Midwest

The latest show for 2 Midwest guys is up. This episode we talk with Nathan Hill from Natural Pattern Systems. We discuss trees of the Midwest and various aspects including trees of permaculture, pruning fruit trees, and places to get more information. Check out the latest podcast.

Nathan Hill and Trees

New podcast available – Permaculture

We just published our 3rd podcast. It is available on our 2 Midwest Guys site. It should be available on ITunes shortly. This podcast is a two part series on permaculture here in the Midwest. The more podcasts we do the better we feel they are starting to sound, and the easier they are to produce. This is an introduction to permaculture but you may pick up on a few things as we talk about not only permaculture but how we are applying it.


Posting Delays

Just a quick update. Spring is here and the projects are in full swing. Since I switched from to I have so many new features, and options I don’t know where to start. I met with a good friend last night Adrian Oshea from and he gave me all kinds of tips and tools to help optimize my page, look, and navigation for this site. Adrian designed our new logo for the podcast. So while it may not seem like there are many blog posts lately I am doing a lot of improvements behind the scenes.


The new podcast is also keeping me pretty busy. We are looking to put out a show once a week until we can get more experience under out belts. We may do more, just depends. If you haven’t heard the new podcast is available at our site or through ITunes.

New Podcast out on 2 Midwest Guys


We needed to put out a podcast and this is a solo one by me. Dustin and I had a hard time lining up schedules so I talked about some of the activities on my 0.2 acre homestead in suburban Indianapolis. There is also the introduction of Rick’s rules. Rules my wife has set up because someone needed to do it.

Podcast 002 Rick’s Homestead

Soft launch of new Podcast 2MidwestGuys


The podcast is finally here. I have been giving hints and updates well it is finally live. We are having a soft launch of the 1st introduction podcast. We are still waiting on logo and intro/exit music but we wanted to get something out there. It will be refined as we go along and we hope to have 2-3 podcasts a week on various topics. There will be some humorous segments such as Rick’s Rules where I explain the lengthy amount of rules my wife has set in place for me and why. There is always a reason for a rule. We would really like feedback for anyone listening as to what you want to hear, the good the bad and the ugly. The website is and you can download or listen to the 1st episode there. It is about 40 min long. We are going to try and keep them about that length. It is waiting on I-Tunes to approve for publication, but you can download from the site now. The site is a little empty at the moment, but we are working to get it filled up.

You can listen directly at the site, right click on the “Download” link and save to your computer, mp3 player, or other podcast device, and once I-Tunes is up there will be another option.

We are looking for advertisers for not only the website but also the podcast. We want to feature locally own businesses we know or have worked with. Both of us have been in the area for a while and there are so many to choose from. Lots of different options to choose from, 15 sec to 2 min spots are available and at the beginning and the end of the show. We also want to have feature interviews with our businesses as well. So look forward to great things to come. People ask “Do you know where to get….” or, “Who do you know that does….” We want to be able to fill in the gaps for people.

Take a listen and come take a ride with us. It may be bumpy at first as neither one of us have ever done a podcast before, but both have the “gift of gab” as our spouses tell us.