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Wolf-Beach Farms LLC Consulting

Wolf-Beach Farms

Price List

Barter is accepted, but please do not get offended if we cannot accept offer, or is not something we have a need for.

PayPal and CC accepted but a 3% fee added.


  • Standard rate $50/hr min billed in 15 min increments (Drive distance can be discussed)
  • Block time available and use whenever needed. 5 hrs $200 and other amounts (i.e. 1 hr a month or 45 min here and there when needed however you want to use)
  • Refer a friend – Current and past clients can refer a friend. You get 1 hour at 1/2 price they get 1st hour at 1/2 price. $50 savings!

Examples on pricing

On site/discussion can run $25-$150 depending on time spent.

Property map ONLY $100-$300 depending on how much time spent on site.

Property map with plant recommendations $200-400 depending on specific requirements, plants desired, time on site, and size and details of property.

Full map, report, plant list, resource guide, and step guide $400-$1000. Depending on property size, complexity, land usage, and on site time.

Examples of reports can be found in the portfolio page

To save time and money complete or be prepared to discuss the Points to Consider document.


More specific pricing and products offered coming soon. Below is a portion of what will/can be offered, but is in no way limited to this list. To schedule time or discuss your own needs or wants please use the contact us page.

What is offered:

  • Permaculture design
  • Property consulting
  • Potential property evaluation based on permaculture
  • Teaching permaculture concepts
  • Consulting on what/when/where to plant, construct, design
  • Delivery of plants, soil, mulch rock, barrels, materials etc.
  • Chicken consulting
  • Greenhouse consult, development
  • Aquaponics consulting
  • Medicinal herb gardens, usages and preparation
  • Building or rebuilding soils
  • Water harvesting
  • Repurposing materials
  • Huglekulture beds
  • Swales development
  • Edible landscapes
  • Local sourcing of supplies and materials.
  • Business development and income generation consultation
  • Marketing consultation for small business
  • Essential oils use and sourcing
  • Self sustainable living (prepping, NOT doomsdayprepper)
    • Food storage, canning (pressure and water bath), freezing, dehydrating)
    • Connections with firearm instructors, first aid instructors, medicinal herbs and essential oils (referral only no fee)

Raised beds

From ideal placement, improving your existing beds, to complete design. We can help with your raised bed questions and issues.


Plant selection, purchase, advice. Where to buy, where to plant, and growing issues.

Planting Barrels (we build)

What exactly is a planting barrel. Check out how to make one and the final product.

Rain barrels

We can advise you on the building of your own rain barrels, or advise on your build.

Seed starter System

We can advise you on the building of your own seed starting system, or help you build. Start your seeds indoors and save money on buying plant starts each year.

Aquaponics system

From advising on how to build to building and installing your aquaponics system. Indoor or out. Plant selection, grow media, and fish selection. Need help where to get local fish. We can help with that too.

Medicinal Herb gardens

Imagine all the possibilities of growing your own medicinal plants. From plant location to where to get certain species we can help. What grows native, to what needs to be in pots and brought in each winter.

Apartment Gardening (balcony or not)

Material and resource sourcing

Were to get the materials for your next project, where you can find cheap materials and where you can find free materials.

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Growing and teaching sustainable and healthy food production

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