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List of class ideas we offer or can customize for you or your group

Food preserving classes
Water bath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating

Apartment Gardening

Organic Gardening classes

Aquaponic classes
Intro, and Advanced

Permaculture Classes (sustainable and regenerative agriculture)
Intro, applications, and anything in-between suited for the Midwest climate

Back Yard Food Production
From city to country how to make any property produce food for        you

Goats for milk, fiber, and meat

Sheep for fiber and meat

Guardian animals and fiber

Rotational Grazing


Suburban Gardening

Edible Landscaping

Rainwater collection and harvesting

Intro, raising, egg production, butchering, tractors, coops, caring,         treatment of common issue, winter care.

Raising Meat Rabbit Classes
  Intro, butchering, cages, tractors, hair rabbits, breeding, winter             care

Essential Oils

Medicinal Herbs

Be Prepared Series Classes

Business development classes

Want to get out of the cube life? Tired of going in day after day to work for someone else? We can help. Turn your passion into something that you can make money on. Whether in your spare time or to a complete job change. let us help you.

Want something else?

Want a class or topic not covered? We may be able to deliver, or find you where to go to for that specific information. Contact us for more information.


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