Projects and Opportunities

Throughout my connections and projects there are sometimes Projects and Opportunities to help, take classes, or take over projects. There is always someone looking for something. Below is a list of opportunities I am aware of or projects that could either use someone to manage, just help out for experience, or business opportunities to develop. Any assistance or work performed will be agreed upon by property owner/project owner and persons performing the work. ANy money exchanged, rates paid, barter items etc. will be between the two of them. I am only putting the opportunity out if anyone would like to engage the opportunity.


Mobile App development Currently the infrastructure is being developed for the app to access data. The app should work across multiple platform devices (android, itunes, phones, and tablets). It will require accessing a database of information, pictures, ratings, contacting people in the app, and map integration. This app could be free, or fee based. A % of the sales from ads or from download sales will be how the developer is paid. Additional details could be given for serious inquiries.  Time to launch is Fall-Winter 2015 to Spring 2016.  Nothing like this is currently on the market, and will bring the food producer much closer to the consumer. More and more people are eating local, or trying to eat local, this tool will allow them to do so at the push of a button.




Urban Community Garden

I am working with a couple in downtown Indy to turn an urban lot into a permaculture community space. We are working out timelines and schedules but there will be opportunities for hands on learning projects, lectures, teaching opportunities, and ways to get involved. We are hoping this project will be a springboard into other community garden spaces. Some of the planned activities are; building a greenhouse, harvesting rainwater from the rooftop, building swales, building a raised bed, composting, planting and caring for fruit trees, building a hoop house, solar panel installation, beneficial insects of the garden, companion planting, medicinal herbs and more.

Permaculture Plant Network Update

Here in Indianapolis we are lacking the availability of certain plants that are favored for permaculture plantings. There are  many many many plants that could be very beneficial and profitable. From trees to ground cover there is a wide range of plants that can be grown in back yards and sold as a collective. What I am looking for is people who are already growing or who would like to grow and propagate certain varieties of plants that you cannot find in the box stores.  Things like arctic hardy kiwi, goji berries, comfrey, sunchokes, cold hardy figs etc. I want to put together an online database of who is growing what plants, and what is for sale, and what is needed. An online permaculture plant database. There are some rules and restrictions legally for growing, selling, transporting, and especially shipping plants. BUT the groundwork is being developed now, and if you have a few square feet of space, you can specialize in a hard to find plant that is in real demand.

There is also an individual who will be propagating plants for group sales here in Indianapolis.  




Looking for a regular meeting space to have permaculture meeting discussions, hold classes, facilitate brainstorming sessions. Needs to be open to the public, restrooms, and hold 30+ people. Free or low-cost.

Distant possible opportunities

Details and availability are not solidified and may be on the horizon, or may not materialize.


If any projects interest you use the Contact Us Page.

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  1. HI, I am interested in helping with the Permaculture Plant Network. I have goji berries, comfrey, sunchokes, cold hardy figs and a cold hardy orange tree along with numerous other plants. I have not tried to propagate but certainly could give it a go.

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