Many people ask where did we get the knowledge we have. Some of it was through classes, some internet, some reading, some just experimentation.  Below are lists of tools, websites, books and more that we have found useful over the years.

Recommended Businesses

Aquatic Designs and Supplies

Brambleberry Farm

Castaway Compost

Darby Simpson Consulting

Simpson Family Farm

Recommended reading list  

Recommended tools  

Recommended places to visit

Brambleberry Farms

Aquatic Designs and Supplies

Recommended videos

Geoff Lawton

Kirsten Dirksen

Recommended podcasts

The Survival Podcast

DIY Food Supply

2 Midwest Guys

Recommended websites  

The Survival Podcast

Recommended people

Geoff Lawton

Recommended products

Rabbit Nipples

 Tubing for Rabbit nipple

Castaway compost worms

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