Available Animals

Below is a list of animals that are available for sale or trade.

We do like to barter, but not all items are things we need. make an offer, but please don’t be offended if we cannot/do no accept. Some animals are available for re-home, 4-H fair, pets contact us for more information.

We do not deliver animals unless specifically negotiated upon. if you are unable to pick up an animal personally, we do have a resource for you to use.

ANY animal could be available, so feel free to ask. We may not have considered them as a possibility.

Questions, or want more information use the contact us page.



1/2 Myotonic 1/2 toggenburg Doe 7mo (12-17)


Twin sister to Lovey 1/2 Myotonic, 1/2 Toggenburg

Mama Goat

Believe Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Duke and Turk 100% Toggenburg wetheres (7mo)

Brown Boy Pygmy Wether (Must go with white boy)

White Boy Pygmy Wether (Must go with brown boy)

Punkin 1/2 Lamancha, 1/4 Alpine, 1/4 Borer

Adelle Sr Alpine doe

Donald wether Nigerian possibly

Scarlette Myotonic, registered doe ($150)

Junebug 1/2 Toggenburg, 1/2 Oberhasli doe (7mo)

Ozzy wether possibly Nigerian



Harold the male potbelly pig. He is in tact, meaning all his parts still work. His mother is Pearl who we have on farm.

Harold with his mother Pearl and sister Charlotte

American Guinea Hog boar ($75)

Male with all working gear. His Father is Burtus Maximus who we still have on farm. He is currently approximately 60 lbs Nov-2017


Nubbins ($150)

Shetland Ram with full horns and all working gear. He is approximately 18 mo, has not been proven breeder

Taz ($100)

Taz is a wether and a Finn/Shetland cross. He is out of Mocha and Spaz who both still reside on the farm. He is approximately 7 mo old Nov 2017