Currently on farm:

American Guinea Hogs (AGH)

Burt aka Burtus Maximus

Burt came from another farm who wanted to downsize, and help us get a good start with good animals. He has quite the personality. He has a name so will be hanging around for a while. He will be our breeding boar.

Burtus wasn’t happy his breakfast wasn’t ready.



We have two female AGH which don’t have names yet, so they could be breeders or available.

Boar AGH

We have a smaller boar that is 18 mo who is available




Porkchop is headed to freezer cam once he graduates.


Reba will be part of our breeding program. We hope to cross the AGH (Burt) with the Tamworth and have a pasture grazing pig that is bigger than AGH and faster growing, but not as large as a tamworth and not a heavily dependant on feed.