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Springtime 2017 lambs, and kids playing.



Border Leicester

Lincoln Longwool





Pixie was the runt of triplets and the special baby of 2016. She is pure Finn ewe. Her previous owners didn’t have time or desire to feed a bottle baby, so she came to live with us. She was very special for a long time and lived in the house until she was bigger. She is one of the 1st to come up to us in the field and doesn’t “baa” like normal sheep. She says “maa” as a tribute to her maa (Brandie) who raised her.

  •  Pixie is the granddaughter of Mocha who lives on our farm
  • Pixie had one ewe Brenna in Spring 2017


Pixie’s Fiber



Our two rambouillet or American Morino are almost always together. We got them as bottle babies in February 2016 and for a while lived in the house. The rambouillet is one of the finer denser fibers we have. When you pet the girls you can smell the lanolin on your hands. They are 150 lbs dogs who love attention and follow you everywhere. Rambouillet are polled females (naturally don’t have horns)


Val aka Valentines Day


Scottish Blackface


Scotchie came to us from Conner Prairie living history museum.  She is a Scottish Blackface ewe She was part of their animals for a while but they decided to go a different path and get a different breed. The like to change things up every so often. She was handled and part of the hands on experience in the barn. Maybe you have met her before. We saw her while talking to barn staff about sheep in general, and they asked us if we were interested in her. We made a deal that day and she came home to our farm at the end of the season. She has fit right in the flock. Unlike many other breeds, the scottish blackface both males and females have horns.

Getting settled in when she just arived
Scotchie ride home in the back of our Ford Explorer


Shetlands are a heritage breed and considered recovering by The Livestock Conservancy. We purchased 13 shetlands in Spring 2013, 5 rams, 8 ewes to gt our flock a big push. We had a few sheep already, but this was a major infusion. Shetlands are smaller than some of our other breeds, but maxing out around 125 lbs easy enough for one person to manage. The are very resilient to parasites strong foragers, and what we have seen tough to the elements. We consider the shetland multi purpose. We get fairly nice fiber from them, they have good meat, and are excellent for brush control. Due to their smaller size, brush control is limited to three feet and below. Female shetlands are polled, (they naturally don’t grown horns)

Brenna and Midget as babies


Olaf was an original 13, and has warmed up over time. He wouldn’t eat out of your hand but would come up to the fence with the others. He has since changed and warmed up to us as you can see in the pictures. He doesn’t talk like some of the others. We have notices he has developed a few black marking s as times goes on, to match the black stripe he has on his horns.

Father to:

  • Neptune Spring 2017
  • Jupiter Spring 2017
  • Domino Spring 2017
  • Brenna Spring 2017
  • Snowflake Spring 2017



Chocolate’ was part of the original 13. He has proven to be a good ram and has an excellent personality. He is friendly and will come eat out of your hand. Unfortunately he has a bad habit of rooing (naturally loosing wool) at odd times. We will see if he passes this trait onto his children.

Father to:

  • Midget Spring 2017
  • Pluto Spring 2017
  • Tiny Spring 2017

He was in lockdown because he kept jumping the fence to get with the ewes. Now all the “chicks” dig him.


Jupiter is the special baby of 2017.  He was born a set of twins and his mother rejected him but kept his brother. So, he became a bottle baby and lived in the house for a while. He still thinks he is a dog. We call him a Wog Wooly Dog. He will chase the UPS man, runs and hangs with the dogs, likes to get pet, even eats dog food if it is left out.

  • Jupiter is son of Queen and Olaf

Honey aka Honey badger 

Honey was purchased as a spring lamb in 2016. She is what is considered a badger face coloring hence her name Honey Badger. She is one of the more friendly shetlands and will want to come up and get pet when we are in the field. Because she is more tame she was roommate to Scotchie when she 1st came to the farm so she wouldn’t be alone.

  • Honey gave birth to Domino (Ewe) in 2017 and looks just like her.

Honey in Front, Domino in Back


Queen aka Queen Latifah was one of the original 13. she isn’t the friendliest but isn’t the worst on the list.  She didn’t pass that trait on as she was mother to the Wog Jupiter. Queen unfortunately rejected Jupiter but kept Neptune. Jupiter later became a bottle baby.

  • Queen had twin rams Neptune and Jupiter Spring 2017

Mini Goggles

Mini Goggles was part of the original 13 purchased in spring 2016. She got her name from the lighter patches around her eyes. Goggles has even more pronounces eye markings. Mini is a bit jumpy and not as personable as some of the other sheep. They were not handled much when they were little, something we like to change when they are born here on the farm.

Mini is mother to:

Pluto Spring 2017



Shetland/Finn Cross


Brenna is a cross between Olaf (Shetland) and Pixie (Finn) born spring 2017. She was born on the farm. Both her parents are all white. How is that for genetics, She is all black.

Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Fall 2017