We have grass fed lamb, mutton (over 18 mo sheep), and goat animals available. We well by the 1/2 or whole animal delivered to a local processor. You pay hanging weight/lb to us and processing to the butcher.  Prices change depending on the age of the animal and our stocking density (sometimes we need to make room).

Example ONLY for whole sheep: 75lb sheep goes to processor.  Hanging weight is 50lbs. $58 kill charge, $3.65 offal charge, and $0.60/lb hanging wt. and $5/lb hanging weight for meat.

$58+3.65+$30 =  $91.65 to Processor

$250 to us.

Total $341.65 for 50 lbs of grass fed lamb, cut and packaged to your specifications.

Comparing to Whole foods grass fed lamb $9.99-$14.99 average price $12.49/lb total would be $624.50 

A price savings of $282.85

Pork would work in a similar way to sheep.

Goats will be sold similarly to sheep and pork. Goat can be prepared similarly to sheep. Goat is the most widely eaten meat in the world, and goats milk is more common than cows milk. Many ethnic culinary dishes use goat in a variety of ways. Our goats are grass/brush fed and forage in the woods and pastures.  More on goat meat.